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MLBW Team Widgets

MLBW Team Widgets each provide the current MLBWeather.net forecast for only one specific team. MLB-Weather.com Team Widgets will automatically update the content each week to present that team's current week's match-up, game time and forecast. Just cut and paste the MLBWeather.net Team Widget code into your web page or blog to receive fresh content, every 30 minutes, for your website or blog.

There are three MLBWeather.net Team Widget options to choose from: the detailed Team Weather Widget, the image only Team Weather Widget and the text only Team Weather Widget. The detailed Team Weather Widget is a favorite with fan sites and columnists covering a their favorite team or a specific game. The image only Team Weather Widget presents a 21x21 pixel graphical weather forecast and is ideal for mobile applications. The text only Team Weather Widget is a textual weather forecast description that is ideal for player line-up and free agent grids.


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